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We, at [Bowling Green Family Dentistry], offer all that and more, within [Bowling Green, Kentucky], with stringent standards of quality and expert dental care. Following are some of the services we provide.


The Invisalign treatment was introduced as an alternative to traditional braces. While braces provide a visible metal hardware, Invisalign aligns the teeth while remaining virtually invisible. The invisible alignment offers patients great results without being as noticeable as traditional braces and has been a great alternative to many who have used it to align their teeth.

Invisalign provides stability during alignment when they cover the teeth completely, instead of just the middle point of each tooth, as traditional braces do. This complete coverage leads to a more complete grip over the surface over the tooth, which often leads to a better alignment.

Another advantage is that Invisalign aligners are made of a see-through material, and therefore are hard to see at a distance and are visible upon a close inspection.

Overall, they are a beneficial dental treatment, and we, at [Bowling Green Family Dentistry] perform it with the care and comfort that each patient deserves.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care may be needed at any time, due to many conditions. During emergency dental care, it’s important to have peace of mind by having a highly qualified dentist ready to tend in such situations. At [Bowling Green Family Dentistry], we have a highly trained and qualified staff that provides outstanding care, no matter what dental complications the patient may be experiencing. We make it a priority that each patient feels completely at ease, even during otherwise stressful periods borne out of an emergency.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are by far the most common form of cosmetic dentistry around the world, and with the advent of cutting-edge technology and advanced methods, we now have a vast range of teeth whitening treatments.

We, at [Bowling Green Family Dentistry], offer a complete range of teeth whitening procedures, to ensure that each client leaves with a much brighter and whiter smile! This is accomplished by using the latest technological implements and utmost attention.

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

The Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure is one of the most popular dental treatments available worldwide, due to its proven effectiveness and the virtually zero side effects experienced by many. Evolving from two very distinct procedures that combined together to make a more effective treatment, Zoom in-office teeth whitening ensures visible results in the first session, and provides more improvement each subsequent session.

The procedure itself involves the application of a whitening gel over the teeth and then exposing them to an ultraviolet light for a certain amount of time. This gel is composed of a hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution as its main ingredient, and helps remove the dark stains on teeth. The light provides a catalyst for the gel to activate its chemical properties faster, to start whitening teeth sooner than with just a gel application.

The treatment results in several shades lighter, depending on the depth of the stains and the extensiveness of the procedure. It’s also a safe dental treatment with no damage to the teeth and longer lasting results than other teeth whitening alternatives.

At [Bowling Green Family Dentistry], we have Zoom in-office teeth whitening and utilize modern techniques to accomplish the results desired that ensure a healthy and happy smile!

Abscess Treatment

Tooth abscess can be a troublesome condition that tends to worsen with time if left untreated for long. It’s common and usually the result of poor oral hygiene, combined with a lack of dental attention for extended periods of time. It may also be caused by an isolated incident, such as a spontaneous infection, although less common.

Abscess refers to the buildup of pus just below the skin anywhere on the body. Tooth abscess is the form of the condition where the collection of pus is under, or near the tooth, such as on the gums. It’s important to cure abscess near or under the tooth immediately, for which a dental appointment is vital.

We understand the need to cure abscess as soon as possible, and at our facility we offer the necessary expertise to combat and end abscess while providing comfort and reducing the chances of aggravating the condition.


Dental crowns have been the go-to replacement in case of deterioration or major tooth surgery for many years. They were initially called caps, and have improved in terms of construction, materials, longevity over time, and even have changed in appearance to currently resemble and function more closely to a natural tooth.

The following are conditions that usually result in the application of dental crowns:

  • Root canal surgery, which could result in the loss of part of the tooth and/or the removal of additional material, to aid in the surgery itself.

  • A broken or chipped tooth, especially if visible, that causes a gap in the otherwise perfect dental array.

  • To restore cracked or integrally separated teeth, which requires a structure to hold them together to restore the teeth’s structural integrity.

  • To protect weak teeth from damage and decay.

  • To anchor a dental bridge in place. In this case, the crowns are usually on either side of the bridge and are used as an anchor, which prevents the bridge from being misaligned due to regular wear and tear.

  • For cosmetic purposes, in case the client wants to have fancy materials or modified designs installed over their teeth.

It’s important to have a qualified dentist to perform this procedure, that provides an excellent fit, as well as superior comfort when installing the dental crowns.

Teeth Cleaning

Oftentimes teeth get dirty and discolored due to regular wear and tear, as well as a lack of proper oral hygiene. This calls for a dental cleaning procedure, which greatly improves such issues that have accumulated over time.

A professional teeth cleaning procedure is more extensive than a regular brush and floss. It is done by a skilled dentist with the purpose of extensively cleaning and removing plaque and other debris found in teeth and gums, leaving the patient with a cleaner, brighter smile.  

In other cases, a patient might require a dental procedure which would call for a teeth cleaning first. Examples of such procedures are teeth whitening and dental surgery.

Whatever the need may be, we, at [Bowling Green Family Dentistry], offer expertly done teeth cleaning with advanced techniques that make patients proud of showing off their smile.


Braces are often a necessity for those with highly misaligned teeth and have been a trusted procedure for decades. However, many times it can be uncomfortable for patients to have this fixed into their teeth over time. Our dentist takes care of the comfort of our patients when applying braces and adjusts them accordingly, making patients more comfortable and confident of their braces.

Additionally, our team ensures that braces are fitted as accurately as possible to each patient, minimizing the requirement for very frequent adjustments and modifications.

We are trustworthy providers of a wide variety of dental procedures in [Bowling Green, Kentucky], and our team is geared towards providing you with superior quality service. We understand the significance of good quality dental procedures that increase the longevity and health your teeth, and result in a satisfied customer, which is why we offer extensive attention to each of our patients.


If you are looking for any of the mentioned dental procedures, or require any further information regarding any of our services, contact us at [Bowling Green Family Dentistry] in [Bowling Green, Kentucky].

Call us for an appointment or come to our office today. Our trained staff is readily available and will answer any questions you might have.